2021 Grants Accepted through October the 15th

✨New Educational Grant Opportunity✨

Capacity Building Grant

Grantwriter Resource Fund

We recognize that many nonprofits have staff who are juggling many responsibilities, including grant writing. This task may not be their area of expertise; however, it is necessary for the organization to remain financially healthy. The Dunham Foundation has created an opportunity for nonprofits to access funds – up to $5,000 – that support a contractual grantwriter.

The Dunham Foundation wants to help local agencies strengthen their organization’s financial resources to achieve their mission. By providing Capacity Building Grants to support the hiring of a grantwriting consultant on a contractual basis.

Who is eligible?

  • Must be located within the Dunham Foundation Service Area
  • Nonprofit organizations that do not have a dedicated grantwriter on staff
  • Budget must be $2M or less

Note: We will consider multiple nonprofits submitting for ONE grantwriting grant when collaborating or evaluating a strategic partnership.

When do you apply?

Applications are accepted from January 1 thru October 1.

Awards are made in February, May, August, and November.

How do you apply?

Please visit the DunhamFoundation.org website to access the Grant Portal. Applicants will select the Capacity Building Grants application. Please complete and submit the form for consideration.

Further Details

  • Organizations will need to either contribute 10% of the requested amount towards the grantwriter’s fee or pay the balance over the Capacity Building grant provided.
  • An Interim Grant Report will be required to inform the Dunham Foundation whether or not the sought-after grant was received.
  • A Final Grant Report will need to be submitted upon the completion of the funded program/project.

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