2021 Grants Accepted through October the 15th

✨Announcing RFP grant recipients soon! ✨

Professional Development Workshops

One way the Dunham Foundation cultivates valuable collaboration is by providing and coordinating professional development workshops throughout the year.

 These workshops include grantees of the Dunham Foundation and other area nonprofits. These workshops provide space and opportunities for local leaders to learn, connect with, and support one another. 

The Dunham Foundation has partnered with Forefront- a nonprofit and foundation membership organization- since 2012. Together, we organize subject matter workshops and networking opportunities for area nonprofits  to help grantees leverage resources and expand their fundraising efforts. We also work together to answer these questions: How can philanthropy best support nonprofits to build their capacity and effectively serve their communities? And, how can community-building be further amplified at the local level? 

If you want to receive workshop information, please contact info@dunhamfoundation.org

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