2021 Grants Accepted through October the 15th

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What We Fund

The Dunham Foundation is committed to providing positive, multi-generational support to all individuals and families in our service area.

We believe that this support lays the groundwork for successful generations to come and builds an infrastructure for a community where all can thrive. The Dunham Foundation invests in the following three areas:


We believe that access to strong early care and educational opportunities is the foundation for a child’s success in school and in life. 

Economic Growth

We believe that by investing in people’s skill sets and stimulating economic opportunity, we can foster a strong community.


We believe in building and maintaining a vibrant community where people have equitable access to healthcare, cultural, and economic opportunities as well as human services so that all of our neighbors can succeed and thrive.

Does your organization provide programs in Education, Economic Growth, or Community?

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