2021 Grants Accepted through October the 15th

✨Announcing RFP grant recipients soon! ✨

Partnering for Impact

The Dunham Foundation believes in the importance of partnerships between all stakeholders as a collaborative effort to address the many needs in our community. These partnerships include key funders, other nonprofits, and local government agencies.

We consider our investments in building effective partnerships to be just as impactful as the grants we award each year. Collaboration is critical to leveraging financial and organizational resources as well as addressing the gaps and barriers for those in our service area.

The Dunham Foundation promotes collaboration and partnerships because we believe that it is the most effective way to maximize impact and local resources. These strategic alliances effect systemic changes that benefit the entire community.

The Dunham Foundation values the many partnerships we have made throughout the area we serve. We invite you to read about a few of them here:


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