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Aurora Area

The area geographically bounded on the north by Illinois State Route 38 and on the south by U.S. Route 34; on the east by Illinois State Route 59 and on the west by Illinois State Route 47.

Otherwise known as our "Service Area".

Where We Fund

When John C. Dunham created the Dunham Foundation, he decided on a prescribed service area, which reflects the area made up of the communities that encompass the “Aurora Area.”

More specifically, the Dunham Foundation gives preference to applicants located in its “Service Area” which includes Kane, DuPage, and Kendall counties. Even more specifically, the area bordered to the north by State Route 38, to the south by US Route 34, to the east by State Route 59, and to the west by State Route 47.

This geographic area is referred to as the “Aurora Area” or the “Service Area” in all related Foundation literature and applications.

Our Service Area

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