2021 Grants Accepted through October the 15th

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Featured Recipients

Paramount Theatre’s Broadway Series

In 2011, the Dunham Fund provided funding to the Paramount Arts Centre to develop and launch its Broadway Series, bringing Broadway-caliber theater to Aurora, IL. This grant’s driving factor was not only to invest in cutting-edge theater in our community but also to drive tourism and economic growth and build a vibrant downtown area to attract outside visitors and bring new restaurants and businesses to the city.

The Broadway Series celebrated its 9th season in 2020, bringing more than 30 Broadway musicals to downtown Aurora, and growing the downtown area to include more businesses, restaurants, and shops, and supporting the local economy.


We believe in building and maintaining a vibrant community where people have equitable access to healthcare, cultural, and economic opportunities as well as human services so that all of our neighbors can succeed and thrive.

Our Goals

All nonprofits in the Dunham Foundation Service Area have the tools necessary to maintain fiscal and organizational health, and build effective partnerships to maximize resources so that they can best serve our most vulnerable neighbors. All individuals in the Dunham Foundation Service Area have access to equitable opportunities to grow and thrive regardless of race, ethnicity, or income.

Our Strategy

IF we invest in nonprofits and programs that address critical community issues, THEN we can improve access to high quality healthcare, human services, cultural, and economic opportunities.

Our support of nonprofit organizations through grants and professional development helps to ensure that local agencies are financially stable and effective so that they can provide the highest quality services to those in our community.

It is essential that all of our neighbors-in-need have access to the finest community-based services and opportunities in order to help them reach their full potential.

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