Annunciation BVM Catholic Elementary School

In 2017, Annunciation School launched a new, cutting-edge STEM curriculum and a new designated science lab designed to help prepare students for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The new lab will provide a dedicated space to help students fully utilize the new STEM curriculum through hands-on engagement.

The new curriculum and laboratory will help prepare 230 Annunciation students, who all live in the Dunham Fund service area, for success in STEM courses at the high school and college level.

To support this curriculum and STEM initiative, Annunciation School will also offer a Lego and robotics program as after school and summer camp opportunities, open to both Annunciation students and Aurora District 131 students.

This will be the first private school in east Aurora offering a robust STEM program with a dedicated science lab, with the goal of fostering interest in STEM fields and preparing students to excel in STEM-based private and public high school courses.

Dunham Fund is proud to partner with Annunciation School to help bring STEM education to the east Aurora community and more than 200 local students through a grant of $140,577.

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