Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center

The Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center (FVEC) is a virtual collaboration of expert advisors and mentors who surround qualified entrepreneurs with the resources they need to achieve growth.

This grant will support two of FVEC’s Programs:

Business Accelerator

FVEC will provide its intensive Business Accelerator program to two companies in 2020. This program pairs companies with a consultant who identifies the areas of most need, and assists them with executing for 3-6 months.

Fast TRAC Program

FVEC will pilot a new program – Fast TRAC – to assist up to 10 companies per group, that are not ready for the Business Accelerator but that need more defined and intensive assistance than currently available to them. The Fast TRAC program would also be a pipeline for the Business Accelerator program, guiding local business owners through a process for intentional growth and sustainability of their business.

This grant provided support for the Business Accelerator and Fast TRAC Programs.

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