Fifteen years honoring John C. Dunham’s legacy

2022 marks the Dunham Foundation’s fifteenth anniversary. The Dunham Foundation Board has been focused on making John C. Dunham’s vision a reality. His mission of “building a healthy, thriving community” guides board and staff efforts to support the nonprofits serving those in need.

Because of John and Judy Dunham’s generosity and commitment to the community they loved, the Dunham Foundation has been able to fund numerous nonprofits and foster partnerships throughout the defined service area. These investments honor John’s love for education and his life and career as an entrepreneur, manufacturer, and mentor. The foundation has invested in programs that address the areas of education, community, and economic development.


We believe that access to strong early care and educational opportunities is the foundation for a child’s success in school and in life.

Economic Growth

We believe that by investing in people’s skill sets and stimulating economic growth, we can foster a stronger community.


We believe in building and maintaining a vibrant community where people have equitable access to healthcare, cultural, and economic opportunities as well as human services, so that all of our neighbors in need can succeed and thrive.

The investment of more than $54.6 million over the past fifteen years has funded 675 grants to support 208 nonprofits – positively impacting generations of our neighbors in need. The Dunham Foundation is honored to support the invaluable work of the nonprofits that serve our residents and looks forward to continuing partnerships that strengthen our community.



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